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IoT Training in Bhubaneswar

IOT stands for ‘Internet of things. It is a great way to learn various things about the internet, it’s tools and utilities. We are one of the leading institutes in Bhubaneswar that offers comprehensive IOT training in Bhubaneswar. Our IOT training in Bhubaneswar will help you learning about the introduction to IOT and building your own IoT devices and sensors. In 2008 IOT took the world in a storm by pointing out that there are more things connected to the internet than humans.

  1. Everything you see nowadays whether it’s in a private resident or a multi-national company is affected by the internet. We are equipped with highly experienced trainers who will help you grasp the most out of our IOT course. You will come to learn about USB, HDMI and Ethernet protocols of IoT communication. Various devices that control the internet also will be learned by you. IoT embedded systems & micro-controllers and Big Data basics will be included in the IoT training course of ours.
  • Module I : Introduction to IoT
  • Module II: History of embedded system.
  • Module III : What is uP and uC and its history
    1. Exposure to different architectures (RISC vs. CISC)
    2. Application of Embedded systems in today’s world
    3. Embedded Systems in Industry
  • Module IV : Warm-up session
      Measurement and overview of basic components.
      1. Breadboard
      2. Resistor
      3. Potentiometer.
      4. Capacitor.
      5. Transistor
      6. Diodes.
      7. Led.
      8. DC Motor
      9. Relay
      10. Switches
  • Module V : Fundamentals of AVR
    1. Introduction to AVR family.
    2. Learning AVR used in the board.
    3. Getting used to the platform.
    4. Using WINAVR for programming.
    5. Understanding AVR instruction set.
    6. Assembly vs. C
  • Module VI : Programming AVR
    1. Configuring ports and controlling their status
    2. Accessing internal registers and EEPROM
    3. Interfacing:
      1. LED
      2. Switch
      3. Buzzer
      4. Seven segment.
      5. Relay
      6. LCD
  • Module VII : What is IoT
  • Module VIII : Why IoT & its application in various field.
  • Module IX : Networks.
    1. Types of networks.
    2. Converged N/W.
    3. ISP
    4. IP addressing.
    5. IP address management.
    6. Protocols uses for data transmit and receive in internet.
    7. Design network using Packet tracer (Optional)(2days needed)
  • Module X : USART Protocol.
  • Module XI : Modeling of LAN, MAN & WAN using ESP8266.
  • Module XII : Element of IoT/IoE
    1. Things.
    2. Data.
    3. People.
    4. Process
  • Module XIII : Things
    1. Sensors, Devices, Controllers etc.
    2. Do some Project using Things.
      1. ADC protocols.
      2. Interfacing IR sensor
      3. Interface temperature sensor(lm35)
      4. Interface LDR(Light depended Resistor)
      5. Interfacing PIR motion sensor.
      6. Interfacing /Bluetooth Module.
      7. Interfacing DTMF.
      8. Tv remote control home appliances
      9. Interface RFID.
  • Module XIV : Data
    1. Mobility
    2. Cloud computing
    3. Big Data.
    4. IPv6.
  • Module XV : People
  • Module XVI : Processes
    1. M2M connection.
    2. M2P connection.
    3. P2P connection.
  • Module XVII : Six pillar of the CISCO IoT system.
    1. Networking connectivity.
      1. Client server Model.
      2. Cloud computing Model.
      3. Fog computing Model.
    2. Fog Computing
      1. SPI Protocol
      2. Introduction to Things speak.
      3. Sending data to internet.
      4. Controlling things/devices over internet.
    3. Security (Cyber and Physical)
    4. Data Analysis.
    5. Management and Automation.
    6. Application Enablement Platform.
  • Module XVIII : Extra project like
    1. RTOS
    2. Digital clock.
    3. RGB led.