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Python Training in Bhubaneswar

Python is one of the top levels of programming g language used nowadays. It was created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. This programming language basically focuses on code readability, notably using significant whitespace. Python is also suitable for top of the line Frameworks like Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning.

We are a leading institute that offers dynamic Python training in Bhubaneswar.  Our training program is conducted to help aspirants to master Python programming language with practical and educational exposures. With experienced trainers and real-time project development facilities we emphasize on building the core idea of Python in aspirants.

With our Python training in Bhubaneswar, anyone who has passions can learn this amazing programming language. For working professionals and IT enthusiasts, learning Python will enhance their professional credentials. It is not restricted to any age group or academic qualification; hence a high school student can also learn it with us at our training center in Bhubaneswar.


Course Outline
Introduction to Python Programming

  • Why do we need Python?
  • Program structure in Python

Execution steps

  • Interactive Shell
  • Executable or script files.
  • User Interface or IDE

Memory management and Garbage collections

  • Object creation and deletion
  • Object properties

Data Types and Operations

  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Other Core Types

Statements and Syntax in Python

  • Assignments, Expressions and prints
  • If tests and Syntax Rules
  • While and For Loops
  • Iterations and Comprehensions

Functions in Python

  • Function definition and call
  • Function Scope
  • Arguments
  • Function Objects
  • Anonymous Functions

File Operations

  • Opening a file
  • Using Files
  • Other File tools

Modules and Packages

  • Module Creations and Usage
  • Module Search Path
  • Module Vs. Script
  • Package Creation and Importing

Classes in Python

  • Classes and instances
  • Classes method calls
  • Inheritance and Compositions
  • Static and Class Methods
  • Bound and Unbound Methods
  • Operator Overloading
  • Polymorphism

Exception Handling in Python Programming

  • Default Exception Handler
  • Catching Exceptions
  • Raise an exception
  • User defined exception

Advanced Python Concepts

  • Decorators
  • Generators
  • Iterators
  • Co-routines

Standard Library Modules Exercises

Advanced Python training details


Command Line arguments Display Hooks Standard data streams and Redirections Os module Sub-process module Forking processes Exec functions Working with comprehensions Working with Descriptors, Iterators, Generators and Decorators

The yield statement range and x-range Working with Context Managers Wrapping Objects Callback functions Duck Typing, Monkey Patching in Python Encapsulating Object Creation: Factory


Introduction to Threads in python thread module threading module Introduction to Pipes in python anonymous pipes

named pipes, fifos Introduction to Recursion Recursive functions in Python Depth of Recursion


CGI Programming Introduction to WSGI Introduction to PEP3333 Bottle Framework Flask Framework WebTest Framework Create a basic Web Service in python working with Databases Connecting with Cassandra DB, SQLite3, MySQL Database Operations


Network Programming Working with XML Files Developing GUIs Working with SMTP Integrating Python with other Languages